Cheongju International Airport & Suamgol Mural Village

Cheongju International Airport

Cheongju International Airport, the fifth largest airport in Korea that is located in Cheongju city, has domestic flights to Jeju and international flights to some cities in China and Russia.

Cheongju International Airport_

I have fly in/fly out to/from Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport, Gimhae Airport, Jeju Airport and Daegu Airport, and Cheongju International Airport will be my fifth airport that I have visited in Korea! Actually there are many other not-so-famous international airport such as Yangyang Airport, Gunsan Airport, etc! I was surprised to find so many small and interesting international airports in Korea.

So, during our 4th wow korea 2017 field trip, we had the chance to visit Cheongju International Airport and the airport people were really nice to bring us around for airport tour and introduced the airport to us. Just like any other airport, there are restaurants and cafes to satisfy passenger’s need when they are hungry, convenience store and local products shop for shopping. 🙂

From Cheongju International Airport, you can go to Sejong city or Daejeon city very conveniently. If you have some business trip from China (eg. Beijing or Hangzhou) to Sejong or Daejeon city, this airport would be a better choice to fly in.

Cheongju International Airport 2

Departure and Arrival information for Domestic flights

Cheongju International Airport

Departure information for International flights

There was a corner where you can try on Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes), and that’s my friends (photo below) who are dressed in Hanbok. So cute! They definitely had lots of fun wearing it. 🙂

Cheongju International Airport 3

Try hanbok in Cheongju International Airport

Actually I do love visiting airports! I should have tried being a pilot or cabin crew. hahaha.

If you love visiting airports like I do or curious about this airport, find out more from Cheongju International Airport official website.

Cheongju International Airport

Cheongju International Airport



Suamgol Mural Village (수암골)

Cheongju Suamgol Village

Suamgol Village

is a small neighbourhood in Cheongju city. This is the filming location of the Korean drama – King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu (제빵왕 김탁구)! This is a drama released in year 2010, with So Ji Sub being the main actor. I have not watched this drama but my friend told me that this drama is quite nice. I guess I should watch it when I have free time to check out the drama scene that was filmed in Suamgol Village. 🙂

Suamgol Village

Suamgol Village


Filming location – King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu

Actually, there are some other Korean dramas that were filmed at Suamgol Mural Village other than King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu. I know that Cain and Abel (카인과 아벨) was filmed here too. Well, I did not watch those dramas and am definitely not familiar with the drama scene filmed at this village, but there are many mural art and paintings here! Indeed, they are very creative with the painting.

You will need about 1-2 hours to walk around at this village to enjoy the mural art/painting. We did not have much time to explore during the trip. But it is ok! I want to visit Suamgol Mural Village again next time. (After I have watched the drama! hehehe)

Mural Art_Suamgol

Mural Art @ Suamgol Mural Village

Mural_Suamgol Village

Mural Art @ Suamgol Mural Village, Cheongju

There is also a small observatory where you can see Cheongju city view. This is recommended for people who likes taking photos of cityscapes! After a tiring walk around the village checking out mural arts, you can take a short rest at this observatory where you can enjoy breathtaking scenery of Cheongju.

Suamgol_Kim Tak Gu

Suamgol Village Observatory


Suamgol Village Kim Tak Gu

Cheongju – Suamgol Village Observatory


Take bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Cheongju (1 hour 40 minutes).

  • Buy ticket online – Seoul Express Bus . (Eng is available on website) or buy at the bus terminal
  • Make sure you say the correct destination: Cheongju (NOT Chungju)
  • Dong Seoul Bus Terminal is located at Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2)


KRW 9,800 (Coach Bus) / KRW 8,300 (Economy)


Dong Seoul Bus Terminal → Cheongju Express Bus Terminal → Take Bus No. 105 at the entrance of the Cheongju Express Bus Terminal → Get off in front of Wooam Elementary School (우암초등학교앞) – Walk about 10 mins to Suamgol Mural Village.


Busan Fireworks Festival & Busan Jagalchi Festival | Busan Festival October 2017

If you are visiting Busan in October, consider yourself lucky because you can attend many different types of festival such as Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Sea Art Festival, Busan Fireworks Festival, Busan Jagalchi Festival and many more! I have visited the Sea Art Festival and Busan International Fireworks Festival. Besides that, I was also traveling in Busan when BIFF was going on. My friends did went for the free movie screening and all, but I did not go for it.

Today, I am going to introduce two festivals that are held in Busan in the month of October that I wish to go. Firstly, it is the Busan Fireworks Festival 2017.


Busan Fireworks Festival 2017

I went for Busan Fireworks Festival in 2013 and 2015. I love it and I want to go again. It was crowded but it is worth it. I love the music that goes well with the fireworks show. Trust me, it is one-hour jaw-dropping fireworks show that makes you go WOW~.

busan fireworks festival

Photo taken by me @ Busan Fireworks Festival 2015 at Gwangalli Beach

Busan Fireworks Festival is held in Gwangalli Beach in October, every year. Usually it is on the last Saturday of October. If you want to visit Busan during the fireworks festival period, be sure to take note of this before you purchase your flight ticket.

Find the information about Busan Fireworks Festival as below:


28 October 2017


Gwangalli Beach


Gwangan Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5


  • Be there early. I suggest you arrive in Gwangalli beach by 5pm to book a good seat on the beach.
  • Bring a picnic mat so that you can sit comfortably on the beach.
  • Bring jacket / dress warmly as it gets cold in the evening.
  • Don’t drink too much water. It is hard to get out and get back to your seat.
  • Go with a few friends. In that way, if you need to go to the toilet, your friends can still look after the seat and your stuff.
  • Don’t leave your seat at 7pm. The show starts at 8pm. By 7pm, it will be crowded on the street near the beach. Once you get out from the beach, you might never squeeze your way back to your original seat.
  • After the show, don’t leave immediately as it will be crowded. Wait for 30 mins or so and chill on the beach.


*Well, this is what I learned from my past experience at Busan Fireworks Festival. 🙂


Busan Jagalchi Festival 2017

busan jagalchi festival 2017

Photo source –


19 ~ 22 October 2017


Jagalchi Market, Busan


Jagalchi Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 10


I always visit Jagalchi Market when I go to Busan. Why? To take photos of fresh seafood, the people at the market, and of course, to eat fresh seafood soup! I don’t remember exactly how much it costs for the seafood soup, but all I remember is that the price is reasonable and inexpensive, and the seafood is fresh and delicious!

(Well, if it is expensive, I won’t eat it because I am a budget traveler T_T )

It seems like Busan Jagalchi Festival is nation’s largest seafood festival. It is definitely worth taking a look at what they have to offer during the festival. 🙂

So here’s two festivals in Busan that I wish to join for the month of October. Of course, this could be your travel guide too, if you are visiting Busan this month.

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