2018 WOW KOREA Supporters Recruitment!

WOW KOREA is recruiting international students in Korea who are from Asia & Middle East country and are passionate about traveling and promoting Korea to join WOW KOREA Supporters Program 2018 (Click to read more or apply)!

2018wowkorea supporters

2018 wowkorea supporters



International students from Asian & Middle East countries except China and Japan who:
– Are interested in Korea Tourism and Culture
– Are interested in social media and online marketing activities
– Live in Korea and can participate in activities regularly

– Group Applicants (preferred) : 2~3 members of Asian & Middle-East student other than Chinese and Japanese
※The group has to consist of at least 1 member from the countries below if possible (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan)

– Individual Applicants : Students from Asia&Middle East countries with social media skills in photography, video, influencer, etc.


– Attend official field trips(4 times) and complete content for the mission
– Yearly mission > create a Korea tourist guidebook for Asian & Middle Eastern travellers
– Promote various Korea tourism content through official WOWKOREA and individual social media channels


– Opportunities to participate in official field trips and group mission tours
– Opportunities to participate in awesome festivals or events in Korea
– Awards for best performance individuals/groups
– Opportunities to attend marketing seminar about Korea tourism
– Certificate of participation of WOWKOREA Supporters


 – Application Period : March 16 (Fri) ~ April 8 (Sun), 2018
 – 1st announcement for interview : April 11 (Wed) *Personal contact
 – Interview : April 13 (Fri)
 – Final announcement : April 16 (Mon)  *Personal contact
 – Opening Ceremony & 1st Field Trip  : April 20 (Fri) ~ 22 (Sun)  *Mandatory


I joined WOW KOREA in 2016 and 2017 and I enjoyed every single trips with WOW KOREA. I met many friends who share the same passion for travel! We got close during WOW KOREA trips and now we are good friends who travel together locally and internationally! (YES, even after WOW KOREA program)

2017 wow korea supporters opening ceremony

2017 wow korea supporters opening ceremony

WOW KOREA is not just about traveling for FREE. It is about meeting people who love traveling as much as you and people who have passion and love to share about the beauty of Korea, and for you to make good friends (and some said we are a big “family) in Korea, at the same time, show the world how beautiful Korea is and share Korea travel guide to your friends! Basically, just have fun, enjoy the trip (good food, nice places, super good hotels, etc), and share your experience on your social media such as Facebook, Instagram or blog! 🙂


  • In 2017, we had 5 field trips (3D2N), many monthly special mission/small group trips.
  • It is compulsory to attend the opening ceremony, and first field trip will be on the same weekend too. (It means your trip starts after the opening ceremony)

If you love traveling, love sharing travel tips with your friends on social media, have passion and love for Korea, and from Asia / Middle East country, I encourage you to join WOW KOREA!! This is probably gonna be the best thing you have ever experienced as an international student in Korea. (Cheers~)


[Chungcheongbuk-do] 3D2N in Cheongju, Danyang, Jecheon

It is my second time exploring North Chungcheong Province and this time I visited Cheongju, Danyang and Jecheon. Check out 2017 wow korea supporters’ 3D2N in Chungcheongbuk-do – exploring Cheongju, Danyang and Jecheon, as below!

Day 1 *Cheonju*

  • Seoul > Cheongju
  • Cheongju International Airport
  • Suamgol Mural Village
  • Lunch @ Gamjatang (Spicy pork bone soup)
  • Cheongju International Craft Biennalle 2017 – Visit Exhibition
  • Cheongju > Danyang
  • Dinner @ Mushroom Hot Pot
  • Suyanggae Light Tunnel
  • Check in – Danyang Daemyung Resort

Day 2 *Danyang*

  • Gosu Cave
  • Dodamsambong & Stone Gate (Seongmun)
  • Lunch @ Sundae & Gupjang Hot Pot at Gugyeong Market
  • Mancheonha Skywalk
  • Dinner @ Bossam – pork dish
  • Check in @ Danyang Tourist Hotel

Day 3 *Jecheon* 

  • Chungju Lake Cruise
  • Korea Cheongpung – Hanji Experience Center (고려청풍 한지체험관)
  • Lunch @ 떡갈비 (Tteokgalbi aka grilled short rib patties)
  • Back to Seoul



Accommodation in Danyang

1. Danyang Daemyung Resort

I wanted to book this resort for my previous trip to Danyang, but it was fully booked on that weekend so I could not stay here. But thanks to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Wow Korea, I got one night stay in this awesome, quite high class resort. This could be the best hotel / resort in Danyang? 🙂


2. Danyang Tourist Hotel

Danyang Tourist Hotel (also known Danyang Tourist Hotel Edelweiss) is considered one of the top hotels in Danyang.

Danyang Tourist Hotel3