24 hours in Seoul (Ladies Edition | Shop, Eat, See)

What if you only have 24 hours in Seoul? You must be wondering what you can do and how you can utilize your time. My good friend, Grace, visited me in Korea and she had only 24 hours in Seoul. Exactly.24.hours! So I decided to travel with her and see Seoul in this 24 hours!

Check out our itinerary for 24 hours in Seoul (Shop, Eat & See) :

Day 1 –

  • Check in Triangel Guesthouse in Hongdae
  • EAT | Dinner @ Piggy Bank BBQ Meat (홍대 돼지저금통)
  • Rest ZZZ

Day 2 –

  • Breakfast @ Triangel Guesthouse
  • SEE | Trick Eye Museum
  • SHOP | Hongdae Shopping Street
  • EAT | Snack – Churros
  • EAT | Lunch @ Kyochon Chicken
  • -> Move to Ewha Womens University
  • Coffee @ Life Coffee Company
  • SEE | Ewha Womens University Main Gate
  • SHOP | Around Ewha Womens University area (Clothes & Cosmetics)
  • -> Move to Seoul Station
  • SHOP | Grocery Shopping @ Lotte Mart, Seoul Station
  • -> Move to Hongdae
  • EAT | Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발)
  • Leave for Incheon Airport via Airport Railroad AREX

— DAY 1 —

First of all, when we return to Seoul from Sokcho, we head straight to Hongdae to check in to Triangel Guesthouse. The owner, Kris, waited for us at the guesthouse to hand us the room key and did some explanation.

Triangel Guesthouse is certified by Korea Tourism Organization to be a safe accommodation in Seoul and is also listed in the Stay Safe Korea.

Triangel Guesthouse

Triangel Guesthouse

After that, we head out to the happening area of Hongdae for dinner! It was around 9pm when we left the guesthouse, thinking that the restaurant should not be crowded since it’s already past dinner time. But, we were wrong! The restaurant was full house when we arrived and we waited for about 15 mins to get a seat.

So we have decided to have some Korean BBQ meat at this very famous restaurant in Hongdae. Well, if you have read travel articles/guides written in Chinese (from China or Taiwan), or Thai, you might have come across the recommendation of this unique Korean BBQ meat restaurant. (Because we found it from Taiwanese travel guide.)

[DINNER] Piggy Bank BBQ Meat (홍대 돼지저금통)

Piggy bank BBQ meat Hongdae

Salted Grilled Pork Meat (소금구이)

  • BEST MENU –  Salted Grilled Pork Meat (소금구이)

From the photo below, it is the fifth from the top. (1 person – 200g – KRW 12,000)

Hongdae Piggy bank BBQ_Menu

Hongdae Piggy bank BBQ_Menu

Hongdae Piggy bank BBQ meat 2

The meat will be cooked on top of the stones

When we first saw the photos and reviews on internet, we love it and have decided to go to this restaurant! This place is really unique as they use the stones to cook your meat (instead of the stove). We both love this place so much and give it ⭐! The BBQ meat tasted really delicious too. So, if you are looking for special BBQ meat, do check out Piggy Bank BBQ Meat Restaurant (홍대 돼지저금통) in Hongdae!

We ordered 2 sets of Salted Grilled Pork Meat (소금구이) – Total KRW 24,000.

Piggy bank BBQ meat

Piggy bank BBQ meat Restaurant @ Hongdae

Opening Hours

16:30 – 03:00 (open till midnight!)


331-1 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

— DAY 2 —

1) Trick Eye Museum & Ice Museum

If you are traveling with children or good friends, this is a must-visit place in Hongdae. Trick Eye Museum (Seoul branch) is located in Hongdae, just behind the Hongdae shopping street. You can take alot of nice and fun pictures here.

Trickeye museum_hongdae

Just have fun in Trick Eye Museum!

You can also download the TRICKEYE app, and take photos or videos using their app for special AR effects!!

Trick eye app

Trick eye app

The admission fee has already included Ice Musuem. So, you should go inside and take a look too. Don’t worry if it is too cold, just 5 minutes will do, since the entrance fee is already included. The standard admission fee is KRW 18,000 for adult, but you can get a discounted ticket at Trickeye 3D Museum in Seoul – Klook Travel .

Ice museum hongdae copy

Ice museum


B2, Seogyo Plaza, 20 Hongikro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Contact Number


Opening Hours

09:00 ~ 21:00 (Last admission at 20:00)

Ticket Price

Adult – KRW 18,000
Children – KRW 12,000

2) Shopping @ Hongdae Shopping Street

You can find almost everything in Hongdae Shopping Street. Buy clothes, cosmetics, glasses, bags, mobile phone case, etc! We bought some stuff from the big Olive Young shop in Hongdae.

  • TIPS: Show them your passport and you can get immediate tax refund (min purchase KRW 30,000)
  • Read more about Shopping in Hongdae

Getting Here

Hongik University Station (Airport Railroad Line, Seoul Subway Line 2, Gyeongui Line) Exit 9. Walk straight till you see Mc Donald’s, then turn left.

3) Must-eat snack in Hongdae – Churro 101

Churro 101 hongdae

Churro 101

So, apparently the churros is really delicious. Last year, My Canadian friend came to Korea and when we went to Hongdae, he bought churros from this store too! Try Churro 101 if you like churros.

Churros_Churro 101

Churro 101 Menu

Churro 101 hongdae_2

Churro 101 Menu

Churro 101 hongdae_3

Keep Calm and Eat Churros

Opening Hours

11:00 – 23:00


128 Eoulmadang-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

4) Lunch @ Kyochon Chicken

I have been living in Korea for 2 years and I have not eaten Kyochon Chicken. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?? All of my friends who came to Korea told me that they have tried Kyochon Chicken or MUST TRY Kyochon Chicken. Grace has eaten Kyochon Chicken in her previous trip to Korea and she said that this is a MUST-EAT chicken in Korea!

Yes, so we went to Kyochon Chicken for lunch.

Kyochon Chicken hongdae

Kyochon Chicken – Hongdae branch

Kyochon Chicken - Hongdae branch

Kyochon Chicken_Interior

Kyochon Chicken

Kyochon half-half original flavor chicken

  • Kyochon Ban-ban Original – KRW 16,000

*Ban-ban means half-half in Korean. They will serve with 2 flavours – gan-jang (soy sauce) & spicy.


I fell in love with Kyochon Chicken at the first bite. ❤ Grace and I finished everything in the basket and it was just too satisfying. Oh! Kyochon Chicken has many branches and you can even call for delivery. (RECOMMENDED TOO!)

If you live in guesthouse, ask the owner of staff to call and order Kyochon Chicken delivery for you. Best to eat it at night (and with a can of beer, of course). 🙂

  • If you are staying in Triangel Guesthouse, you can ask Kris (the owner) for help. He will definitely help you (I am sure). But please don’t wake him up at 1am to order delivery for you, ok? 🙂 He has a new born baby to take care of and will need some good sleep after 11pm.

Opening Hours

12:00 – 24:00


6 Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

5) Ewha Womens University – Shopping

We ended our lunch around 2pm, and took the subway to Ewha Womens University, which is just 2 stations away from Hongdae. We first went to a small but popular (on SNS) cafe to grab a cup of coffee and headed to Ewha Womens University to take some beautiful photos of the campus.

📍 Life Coffee Company

Life Coffee Company at Ewha Womens University

Life Coffee Company

Life Coffee Company_Menu

Life Coffee Company_Menu

Life Coffee Company

Insta shot outside Life Coffee Company

  • Life Milk Tea – KRW 3,500

Visit Life Coffee Company Insta 🔽🔽🔽

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Opening Hours

08:00 – 20:00 (Weekdays)
12:00 – 18:00 (Saturday)
Closed on Sundays


24 Ewhayeodae 2ga-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Location -> http://naver.me/xHov7pjz

Life Coffee Company_Ewha Womens University

Cheers @ Ewha Womens University


We highly recommend Ewha Womens University area for shopping, especially if you want to buy cheap and pretty clothes!

You can find nice top for KRW 5,000 per piece, or KRW10,000 per piece. KRW 20,000 for a set of pretty dress.

Shopping at Edae

Look at the shopping bags!

  • If you have short time in Seoul but wish to shop for clothes (for female), I highly recommend Ewha Womens University area to you!

6) Lotte Mart, Seoul Station

After we were done with shopping at Edae area, we took the subway from Ewha Womens University Station > City Hall Station > Transfer to Seoul Subway Line 1 to Seoul Station.

To get to Lotte Mart, get off at Seoul Station Exit 1. Walk out from the station.

Most travellers want to buy local products/ food when they visit Korea. In Lotte Mart, you can find almost all the snacks, ramyeon, soju, coffee, etc!! The best thing is that you can get special promotion – Eg. Buy 2 free 1, buy 1 free 1, etc. You can even have food tasting here. Try it before you decide to buy.

  • TIPS: Show them your passport and you can get immediate tax refund (min purchase KRW 30,000)

Opening Hours

10:00 – 24:00

7) Dinner @ Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발)

This is another MUST-EAT Korean food when you visit Korea. This is a special request by my friend, Grace, because she wanted to try some food that Koreans like to eat. So we chose Jokbal – pork trotters (??). It was my first time trying this dish in Korea too! We ordered the real garlic jokbal because we love garlic. Look at the photo below. There are alot of garlic on top of the jokbal. So, if you don’t like garlic, you can order the Original Jokbal.

Myth Jokbal_Garlic Jokbal

Myth Jokbal_Real Garlic Jokbal – KRW 35,000

Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발) is a famous jokbal restaurant located in Hongdae. It is usually very crowded. We waited for about 15 mins, to be seated. If you see people waiting outside the restaurant, remember to get a number from the machine. Don’t just stand there and wait. 🙂

I did some research on Naver before coming to this place. Many koreans recommended the Real Garlic Jokbal, that is also the reason why we ordered that. Because we want to eat like local people.

Myth Jokbal Hongdae

Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발) Hongdae

Myth Jokbal Menu

Myth Jokbal Menu

  • When you order the main menu, you will get free handmade noodles + kimchi soup. DELICIOUS!
  • We ordered Real Garlic Jokbal – KRW 35,000
Myth Jokbal Free salad and 3 types of sauce

Comes with Free salad and 3 types of sauce

Myth Jokbal noodle

Free handmade noodles with kimchi soup

Last but not least, our photo! This was the last photo we took as we ended 24 hours adventure in Seoul. Grace left for Incheon airport after that.

Dinner at Myth Jokbal Hongdae

Last photo of the trip

Opening hours

12:00 – 04:00


123-1 Eoulmadang-ro, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

If you only have 2 days or just 24 hours in Seoul, this is how you can plan your itinerary. However, this is a Ladies Special Edition for Shopping, Eating and Sightseeing. The main course is SHOPPING, so guys may not find this useful. But, you can refer to my FOOD GUIDE for your trip.


  • Piggy Bank BBQ Meat (홍대 돼지저금통)
  • Kyochon Chicken
  • Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발)


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Shopping in Seoul – Hongdae, Ewha Womans University, Lotte Mart

Has anyone told you that Korea is a shopping heaven? So, where are some of the best places to shop in Seoul? I personally recommend 3 shopping places in Seoul that I often go for shopping – Hongdae, Ewha Womans University and Lotte Mart @ Seoul Station.

Yes, Lotte Mart as well! Why? Because I can find all types of Korean food in Lotte Mart (with lots of promotion).


First of all, let’s take a look at Hongdae. Hongdae has a famous shopping street where you can find almost everything – trendy clothes, beauty & cosmetics, socks, souvenirs and many more.

Most of the shops open till around 11pm. So if you are staying in Hongdae area, you can do some shopping every night!

Hongdae Shopping Street is located about 5 mins from Hongik University Station Exit9. You can buy local brand trendy clothes here. Besides that, there are also big stores and famous brand such as Bershka, Forever 21, H&M, SPAO, MCM, etc.

For beauty and cosmetics stores, you can find Innisfree, Face Shop, Etude House, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Skin Food, and many more. There is also beauty shops such as Olive Young, LOHB, Watsons, etc.

Hongdae shopping street

Hongdae shopping street

Hongdae shopping

Hongdae shopping street

Hongdae shopping street 2

Hongdae shopping street

Basically, you don’t really need to worry that you can’t shop for anything here. Every time I come here with my friends, we will bring something home.


Well, you are not gonna shop inside Ewha Womans University, but it is the area outside the university. To get to the shopping area in Ewha Womans University, take Seoul Subway Line 2 to Ewha Womans University Station and get off at Exit 2 or 3.

You can find many shops selling pretty and cheap clothes. You can find alot of KRW5,000 or KRW10,000 per top. I can easily spend KRW 50,000 in one hour. Other than blouse, you can find pretty jackets, jeans, trendy bags, cute socks, and korean style shoes!

My friend, Grace, came to Seoul only 3 days and she did almost all her shopping here at Ewha Womans University Shopping area. whee~

Ewha Womans University Station

Ewha Womans University Station

Ewha Womans University Station

Underground Shop at Ewha Womans University Station

Ewha Womans Univ Autumn

Ewha Womans Univ Autumn

Ewha Womans Univ Fashion Street

Ewha Womans Univ Shopping

Ewha Womans Univ Fashion Street

Ewha Womans Univ Fashion Street

Ewha Womens Univ Shopping

Many cosmetics shop too

Ewha Womans Univ shopping area

Buy trendy shoes @ Ewha Womans Univ shopping area

Ewha Womans Univ shopping area

Ewha Womans Univ shopping area


3) LOTTE MART @ Seoul Station

Lotte Mart, Seoul Station is the biggest Lotte Mart in Seoul. You can find all kinds of Korean food and snacks to buy and bring it home as souvenirs. The thing I like about Lotte Mart is that there are alot of promotion, especially during the weekends. Buy 2 free 1, buy 1 free 1, etc. I usually come here to buy a lot of korean food, noodles, snacks etc before I fly back to Malaysia for my semester break.

To get here, take AREX line, Seoul Subway Line 1 or 4 to Seoul Station, get off at Exit 1. Walk out of the subway station.


Lotte Mart Seoul Station

Lotte Mart Seoul Station


Lotte Mart Seoul Station

Lotte Mart Seoul Station


Lotte Mart Seoul Station

Must Try! – Choco Pie!

Lotte Mart Seoul Station

Many types of Coffee brand!


Lotte Mart Seoul Station

Cosmetics brand – Face Shop, Innisfree, Nature Republic etc.

Most importantly, Lotte Mart offers immediate tax refund to foreign tourist. Don’t forget to bring your passport okay!

  • Tax refund – Minimum purchase KRW 30,000
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 24:00

If you need to do a last min shopping or final shopping before you fly back to your country, go to Lotte Mart and grab all the korean food and snacks that you want! After buying all the stuff in Lotte Mart, you can take the AREX Express Train from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport. It is really convenient! 🙂

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