[Hongdae] Cafe Mint Heim

Everyone has a favourite colour. If green, turquoise, or mint is your favourite colour, you shouldn’t miss this mint-themed cafe in Hongdae called Mint Heim. Cafe Mint Heim is located slightly off the Hongdae main shopping street or art/performance street.

Just like its name, Cafe Mint Heim serves drinks and desserts made of mint – Mint Americano, Mint Cafe Latte, Mint Milk Tea, Mint Oreo Latte, mint cakes & cookies, and many more! Basically, almost everything here is minty, so it might be a little weird if you order something else other than the mint menu. However, the interior of this cafe is lovely and adorable. Don’t you think that mint colour is lovely? 🙂 There are plenty of space for you to take nice photos of your drinks/desserts, and maybe some OOTD photos here too.

Cafe Mint Heim Instagrammable Interior

Instagrammable Interior_Cafe Mint Heim



Cafe Mint Heim in Hongdae

Cafe Mint Heim in Hongdae

Before I visited Cafe Mint Heim, I scrolled through Cafe Mint Heim Instagram account to check out some of the popular drinks and desserts. In the end, I decided to order the popular Mint Cafe Latte and Mint Oreo Cheesecake (Best seller!), which seem to be quite instagrammable too.

Mint Cafe Latte – “Three-layered” instagrammable drink consists of coffee, milk, and mint.

Mint Oreo Cheesecake – Enjoy the unique taste of oreo, cheese, and mint in one bite! This cake consists of oreo crust as based, mixture of mint and cream cheese filling, and topped with oreo cookies.

Mint Cafe Latte and Mint Oreo Cheesecake at Cafe Mint Heim

Mint Cafe Latte / Mint Oreo Cheesecake at Cafe Mint Heim

Cafe Mint Heim menu

Cafe Mint Heim Menu (Price as of August 2017)

Latest price (Same price for Hot/Ice):

Mint Americano / 4,500
Mint Cafe Latte / 5,000
Mint Cafe Mocha / 5,500
Mint Oreo Latte / 5,000 (only iced)
Mint Oreo Cheesecake / 6,500

*Menu is available in Chinese, English and Japanese too.

I also understand that some people might not like mint, because it taste like toothpaste (that’s what my friend told me!). But if you like the lovely interior in this cafe, you can still visit Cafe Mint Heim and order Cafe Latte or Americano (without Mint, of course). This cafe is very popular among Japanese and Chinese (even Hong Kong & Taiwanese) tourists. Search #mintheim on Instagram and you will know what I’m saying.

So, if you have just eaten your dinner in Hongdae and want to have something refreshing, head over to Cafe Mint Heim to grab some fresh, minty dessert or drinks!


Cafe Mint Heim (민트하임)


366-28, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours

11:30 – 21:30

Getting Here

Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, Gyeongui Line, or Airport Railroad), Exit 9.

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Best Cheesecake Cafe in Hongdae: C27 Cheesecake & Coffee

If you are a cheesecake lover who is looking for cafes in Seoul that serve good cheesecakes, you have landed at the right site. I am going to introduce one of my favourite and the best cheesecake cafe in Seoul! *Yumssss* As you can see from the name of the cafe – C27, they actually serve 27 types of cheesecakes! YES! twenty-seven types! You can find plain cheese, green tea, lemon, earlgrey (my favourite!!!), mixberry, and many more!

Hongdae C27 Cheesecake and coffee interior

C27 Cheesecake & Coffee Interior

I am a big fan of cheesecake, but I have to control myself not to eat too much (‘cuz I don’t wanna gain weight T_T). When I came to Korea 2 years ago, I have been visiting different cafes to try out their cakes. Many cafes serve the usual cakes such as tiramisu, original cheese cake, red velvet, and carrot cake. However, I have not tasted any good cheesecakes until I found C27 Cafe!!!! To be honest, C27 Cheesecake & Coffee Cafe  might be a little pricey. A slice of cake costs 8,800won in C27 Hongdae branch. (WHAT?! It’s more expensive than my usual kimchi stew)

C27 Cheesecake & Coffee_Menu

C27 Cheesecake & Coffee_Menu

Anyway, yes, I agree that it is kinda pricey, but the cheesecakes taste really good! Oh, and they serve a big slice of cheesecake. In fact, I have been to C27 Hongdae branch for a couple of times. LOL! (My friends thought I am crazy because I keep going back to the same cafe)

Popping Star Cheesecake and Cafe Latte at C27 Cheesecake Cafe Hongdae

Popping Star Cheesecake & Cafe Latte


Hongdae branch – 3 times
Sinsadong branch – 1 time
Incheon Chinatown branch – 1 time


I have tried Mixberry, Berry & Berry, Popping Star and Earl Grey.


Earlgrey Cheesecake!


I have tried their Milk Tea, Americano and Cafe Latte. In my opinion, their beverages are just OK. I don’t go crazy over their drinks. (Remember, I come to this cafe for their cheesecakes!!) If you are the kind of person who needs a drink when you eat cakes, you can order it too. Not forgetting that they serve WINE in this cafe. Cheesecake + champagne / wine? YES, WHY NOT?! 🙂

C27 Cheesecake Hongdae_Cake

Yummy cheesecakes at C27 Cheesecake & Coffee

Did I forget to mention about the decoration in C27 cafe? Oh yes, don’t just try their cheesecakes, but please check out their interior and decos too! When I first visited C27 Sinsadong branch, I was shocked. Why? Each floor has different themes and each theme has different decos. It is surely a place for Instagram photos!

OK, that is for Sinsadong branch. Unfortunately, they only own ONE floor for Hongdae branch. However, it didn’t stop them from making the cafe an interesting place. There is a big roller coaster placed right in the middle of the cafe and a small ferris wheel by the window. C27 is like a cute themepark-themed cafe. They called it, “A-Musement Park for Women”.



C27 Cheesecakes & Coffee (Hongdae branch)


161 Yanghwa-ro, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours

10:30AM ~ 01:00 Midnight

Contact Number


Getting Here

Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, Gyeongui Line/Airport Railroad), Exit 2. Turn around and look out for the building on your right.


I love visiting cafes and trying out coffee and cakes. If you are visiting Seoul and looking for someone to go cafe hopping with you, DM me on Instagram! (Insta ID: cleeswanders )

I would love to explore new cafes in Seoul! I am a friendly person ^^ so don’t be afraid to drop me a message. If you are not visiting Korea soon, that’s OK! Check out my Instagram post for more cafes photos.