[Chungcheongbuk-do] 3D2N in Cheongju, Danyang, Jecheon

It is my second time exploring North Chungcheong Province and this time I visited Cheongju, Danyang and Jecheon. Check out 2017 wow korea supporters’ 3D2N in Chungcheongbuk-do – exploring Cheongju, Danyang and Jecheon, as below!

Day 1 *Cheonju*

  • Seoul > Cheongju
  • Cheongju International Airport
  • Suamgol Mural Village
  • Lunch @ Gamjatang (Spicy pork bone soup)
  • Cheongju International Craft Biennalle 2017 – Visit Exhibition
  • Cheongju > Danyang
  • Dinner @ Mushroom Hot Pot
  • Suyanggae Light Tunnel
  • Check in – Danyang Daemyung Resort

Day 2 *Danyang*

  • Gosu Cave
  • Dodamsambong & Stone Gate (Seongmun)
  • Lunch @ Sundae & Gupjang Hot Pot at Gugyeong Market
  • Mancheonha Skywalk
  • Dinner @ Bossam – pork dish
  • Check in @ Danyang Tourist Hotel

Day 3 *Jecheon* 

  • Chungju Lake Cruise
  • Korea Cheongpung – Hanji Experience Center (고려청풍 한지체험관)
  • Lunch @ 떡갈비 (Tteokgalbi aka grilled short rib patties)
  • Back to Seoul



Accommodation in Danyang

1. Danyang Daemyung Resort

I wanted to book this resort for my previous trip to Danyang, but it was fully booked on that weekend so I could not stay here. But thanks to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Wow Korea, I got one night stay in this awesome, quite high class resort. This could be the best hotel / resort in Danyang? 🙂


2. Danyang Tourist Hotel

Danyang Tourist Hotel (also known Danyang Tourist Hotel Edelweiss) is considered one of the top hotels in Danyang.

Danyang Tourist Hotel3




Must-Visit in Danyang | Mancheonha Skywalk

You may have visited Danyang before but have never heard of this Skywalk in Danyang.  Mancheonha Skywalk was newly opened in July 2017. It is still very new to foreigners (and perhaps to Koreans too). If you try to search “Mancheonha Skywalk” on google, you might not be able to get much information in English. Of course, if you search on Naver, you can get many information about this skywalk in Korean. Try to search Mancheonha Skywalk in korean -> “만천하 스카이워크“, you might find some of the Mancheonha Zipwire photos on google image page.


YES! Mancheonha Skywalk is not just a boring skywalk place but you can actually do zipwire here! I have been to Jeongseon for Jeongseon Zipwire and it costs KRW 40,000. However, Mancheonha Zipwire costs only KRW30,000! It is cheap! I would like to recommend you to try this. No, we did not do the zipwire this time. But I would love to come back to Danyang again for Mancheonha Zipwire.

Mancheonha Skywalk_Danyang

Danyang Mancheonha Skywalk

I visited Danyang last winter and Mancheonha Skywalk was not opened at that time. So I just went to visit some of the 8 scenic views of Danyang such as Dodamsambong and Stone Gate, and did paragliding (that was the best thing everrrr). I am glad that they opened up a new attraction in Danyang – that is the Mancheonha Skywalk! If you are planning a trip to Danyang, this is definitely one of the must-visit place in Danyang.


If you look at the photo above, Mancheonha Skywalk looks like 3 fingers sticking out. The outer part is made of glass. You are actually stepping on the glass and could see what is below your feet. *screams* If you are afraid of heights, you may be scared to walk on the glass because this skywalk is really high up in the sky. lol.

Mancheonha Skywalk

Stepping on Glass @ Mancheonha Skywalk

view from Mancheonha Skywalk

Amazing scenery from Mancheonha Skywalk

But, if you got up to Mancheonha Skywalk observatory, you will find really amazing, breathtaking and jaw-dropping view of Danyang! For a second, I thought I was in Europe.

Danyang Mancheonha Skywalk

Mancheonha Skywalk

Danyang Mancheonha Skywalk

Danyang Mancheonha Skywalk @ Admission Fee


94 Aegok-ri, Jeokseong-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Opening Hours

09:00 ~ 18:00  | 10:00 ~ 17:00 (Winter)    *Closed every Monday

Admission Fee

KRW 2,000

Getting Here

Take a taxi from Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal

Mancheonha Skywalk Website

http://www.mancheonha.com/mch/html/index.jsp (Kor. only)


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