Busan – Ulsan in 3D2N [Day 3]

After dinner in Busan in Day 2, we took the bus to Ulsan and checked into Lotte Hotel! Awesome hotel. Thank you organizer for the special arrangement for us to experience the best hotel in Ulsan. 🙂

Highlights of Day 3 in Ulsan:

  1. Taehwa River Simni Bamboo Forest
  2. Daewangam Park
  3. Jujeon Mongdol Beach (Lunch)
  4. Jangsaengpo Whale Museum
  5. KTX Train (Ulsan Station – Seoul Station)

Recently, South Korea President, Park Geun Hye visited Ulsan for her summer vacation. So, we visited the places that she visited too. Haha! She has also recommended Taehwa River Simni Bamboo Forest as a summer vacation destination to the citizens!




Getting here:
Take a city bus 407 at Ulsan Express Bus Terminal or city bus 337 at Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Croba Apartments.

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Getting here:
From Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal or Express Bus Terminal, walk 400m to the bus stop in front of Lotte Hotel Ulsan. Take Bus 108, 133 or 401 and get off at the entrance of Ilsan Beach. It is located about 1.2km from the bus stop.

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I have been to Daewangam Park for my cultural trip with the school when I did my language course. That day, the weather was superb! Thus, photos turned out to be really nice on a good weather. However, during this trip, it was raining the whole rain. The rain did not stop us from exploring Ulsan!

LUNCH @ Jujeon Mongdol Beach


Galbitang – Beef Ribs Soup

Restaurant name: 율촌 갈비탕.비빔국수

Search on google : “울산 주전 맛집”
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Since it was raining, this is one of the best place to go! It is the first and only whale museum in Korea — Jangsaengpo Whale Museum!

Opening hours:
09:30 – 1800 (Close on Mondays)

Admission fee:
Adults 2,000 won [Individual] / 1,500 won [Group]

➡️Getting here:
From Ulsanhang Train Station, go 300m east. Take Bus #246 to Haegunbudae Apt. (in front of Naval Base). Go straight (200m) until you see the Jangsaengpo Whale Museum on the right.

*Reservation for Foreigners:
Online reservations / Phone-reservation

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After visiting all these places in Ulsan, we headed to Ulsan station and took KTX train to return to Seoul. Although I have been to some of the places before, but it was really a memorable trip going with the Wow Korea Supporters and of course, our beloved managers who took so good care of us during the trip. That was the end of Busan – Ulsan 3D2N trip! I am already looking forward to our next Wow Korea Supporter field trip.