[BigPay Review] Save money with BigPay card! Best currency exchange rate!

What is BigPay?

BigPay, introduced by AirAsia, is a mobile app with a card. Basically, it is a Mastercard prepaid card that can be used at any store (local and overseas) that accepts Mastercard. It works like a debit card, so you need to top up/reload the card before you can use it as payment.

So when you book flight on Air Asia, you do not need to pay for any processing fee when you use BigPay card. In addition, you can also get priority access to AirAsia promo! Woots woots~!
(Update: From October 2019, processing fee will not be charged for online banking/ other credit card)

– You can also do peer-to-peer transfer on BigPay app. Fast, easy and convenient.

– Account Service Fee RM2.50 per month for inactive account where there is no card transaction in a particular month. (Waived until further notice)

– ATM Withdrawal Fee
Local: RM6.00 per transaction/
Overseas: RM10.00 per transaction or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher. (For overseas, only RM10.00 will be charged until further notice)
*If you don’t have time to go to bank/money changer before your trip, you can top up your BigPay card and withdraw the money in local currency upon arrival at your travel destination.

– Enjoy real currency exchange rate with BigPay – no extra fees.
*Currency Conversion Fee (Applied when the purchase is effected in currencies other than Malaysian Ringgit) 1% + network charges
(Only charges by the network will be applied until further notice)

How to earn BIG points? (revised in September 2019)

– 1 BIG Point for every RM 10

Who can use BigPay card?

All Malaysian residents can sign up for BigPay as long as you are 18 years old or older.

Personal thoughts

Previously, I have used BIG Prepaid Mastercard, which is also a Mastercard prepaid card by Air Asia. I changed it to BigPay the moment BigPay was launched. So far, I really like this card. I have used BigPay card during my overseas trip in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The currency rate is really awesome (since there is no extra bank charges now). Sometimes, the rate is even better than money changer’s rate. But one thing for sure, you pay lesser in overseas using BigPay as compared to credit card (there is bank fee when you use credit/debit card).

My personal tips for buying cheap Air Asia ticket? Sign up to be Air Asia BIG member, and sign up for BigPay card. I always collect BIG points when I fly with Air Asia, I never paid any processing fee when buying Air Asia ticket and I always get discount on pre-booked check-in luggage and in-flight meals too.

Just before I wanted to publish this post, Air Asia announced that they will no longer charge processing fee for payment by online banking or credit card starting from Oct 2019. If you need to book a ticket before October and want to save some money, you should apply for BigPay card and save the processing fee.

use bigpay card in korea

I used bigpay card in Korea

I used my Happy points so I only paid KRW 13,270 (after deducting 1,000++ points).

*Note: I used my bigpay card in Shake Shack Korea. The amount that I was being charged on my bigpay card was around the same as XE currency exchange rate. You can use the card at places where mastercard is accepted so you don’t have to carry so much cash around.

(I even bought KRW 500 mineral water at convenience store using BigPay =D )

How to Get BigPay?

1) Download BigPay App
– Available on App Store and Google Play Store. All your account information and transaction details will be in your mobile phone.

2) Sign up for BigPay card
– Fill in your basic personal details
*Use this referral code (739AJJQEBX) to get RM10 bonus credit
– Verify your identity with your IC/passport and a selfie
– Top up RM20 into your account

3) Wait to receive your BigPay card and Activate the card
– Your card should arrive to your address 5 to 7 business days after you have top up at least RM20 to your account. After you have received the card, you have to activate it.

For more info about BigPay card >> visit https://www.bigpayme.com/
Download Bigpay app (ios) or Bigpay app (android).


*Don’t forget to key in this referral code (739AJJQEBX) to get RM10 bonus credit!

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