Best 5 Unique Things to Do in Yeosu, The Romantic City

Yeosu (여수) – means “beautiful water” in Korean, is a romantic city located on the southern coast of Korea in Jeollanam-do Province and known for its beautiful night view of sea. Although Yeosu is a less famous city to visit among the foreign tourists, it is actually a popular place for vacation among Koreans. In Korea, when you say “Yeosu”, most people will think of the beautiful night view of sea in Yeosu, which is also said to be a romantic scenery. It is hard to imagine why this city is known to be a romantic city, but once you have seen it yourself, you would believe that (yes!) Yeosu is indeed a beautiful and romantic city.

If you wish to travel Yeosu like a local, here is a list of Best 5 Unique Things to Do in Yeosu!


1. Taste the Yeosu Flower Bread

Yeosu Flower Bread

Yeosu Flower Bread

Yeosu Flower Bread (여수꽃빵) is a special food in Yeosu. You can’t get this flower bread anywhere else in Korea, but only in Yeosu. The bread is made into a flower-shaped and is available in 4 different flavor – chocolate, prickly pear (백년초 ), sweet potato and sweet pumpkin (단호박). As many online reviewers (the Koreans) say, “When you go to Yeosu, you must try the Yeosu flower bread.” I have personally tasted it and I like the sweet potato ones. I have tried all 4 and they don’t taste too sweet. So don’t worry about diabetes. This is definitely a perfect gift for your friends and family.

Price: 4 pcs- 7,000won / 8 pcs – 12,000won / 16 pcs – 23,000won

Yeosu Flower Bread (여수꽃빵)

Address: 70 Namsalro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do


2. Shop and Relax at Jinnamro Shopping Street

Jinnamro Shopping Street

Jinnamro Shopping Street

Jinnamro Shopping Street is one of the best shopping streets in downtown Yeosu where you can get some souvenirs. Just walk around, check out some items offer in this shopping street, and take a rest at an old Korean style café called Ganada Dasil Cafe (가나다 다실). This cafe started operating since 1980s, so you can get a feel of how the cafes in Korea are like in the olden days. This cafe is one of the filming locations for Korean movie “Taxi Driver (택시운전사)” and its vintage decoration is still remained. What’s more, the drinks are really cheap. If you have watched Taxi Driver, the Korean movie, you should visit this cafe when you come to Yeosu.

Address: Jinnamsangga-gil, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do


3. Explore 1004 Mural Village (천사벽화마을)

Yeosu 1004 Mural Village

1004 Mural Village

Korea is full of mural villages – in Seoul, Busan, Jeonju, Suwon, Jecheon, Tongyeong, Yeosu, and many more. 1004 is read as ‘천사’ which means “angel” in Korean. Come and explore this 1004 (Angel) Mural Village, located at Goso-dong, as there are many pretty mural art and drawings. It is a perfect attraction for those who loves photography or art. Yes, it would be an insta-worthy place to visit in Yeosu. But, please keep in mind that you should remain quiet when you walk around this village as it would be rude to disturb the residents here.

Address: Goso-dong, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do (전라남도 여수시 고소동)

4. Enjoy Stunning View at Rooftop Cafe

Nangman Rooftop Cafe (낭만카페)

Nangman Rooftop Cafe (낭만카페)


What’s more relaxing than having a cup of nice coffee (or juice) while enjoying the breathtaking ocean view at a rooftop cafe on a wonderful evening? There are many rooftop cafes that offer great and stunning ocean view of Yeosu in 1004 Mural Village. You will be able to see the view of Yeosu cable car too! This is a must-do if you visit Yeosu with your lover. Best to visit the cafes in the evening where the sun is setting. Need a new portrait shot for your Instagram? Here is the place to go!

Nangman Rooftop Cafe (낭만카페)

Price:-  Einspänner – KRW6,000 / Apple Mango Smoothie – KRW6,500 / Strawberry Banana Smoothie – KRW6,500
Address: 291-1 Goso-dong, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do


5. Eat Dinner at Nangman Pocha (Romantic Street Stalls)

If you want to travel Yeosu like a local, you should eat like a local too. Nangman Pocha / Romantic Food Stalls 낭만포차거리 is a famous street full of food stalls that locals come for dinner with their friends/family at night. This street is located along the seaside, offering great Yeosu night view. Take a night stroll at this romantic street and enjoy spectacular night view of Yeosu’s ocean (여수밤바다). I visited this place around 7pm and there was long queue at most of the food stalls. So, be prepared to queue for good food! Besides that, you can also watch some street performances and buy some souvenirs.

Address: 246 Jungang-dong, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do


How to get to Yeosu (From Seoul)

By KTX – About 3 hours ++ / KRW 50,000won one way (Select Destination: Yeosu-expo)

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