[Chungcheongbuk-do] 3D2N in Cheongju, Danyang, Jecheon

It is my second time exploring North Chungcheong Province and this time I visited Cheongju, Danyang and Jecheon. Check out 2017 wow korea supporters’ 3D2N in Chungcheongbuk-do – exploring Cheongju, Danyang and Jecheon, as below!

Day 1 *Cheonju*

  • Seoul > Cheongju
  • Cheongju International Airport
  • Suamgol Mural Village
  • Lunch @ Gamjatang (Spicy pork bone soup)
  • Cheongju International Craft Biennalle 2017 – Visit Exhibition
  • Cheongju > Danyang
  • Dinner @ Mushroom Hot Pot
  • Suyanggae Light Tunnel
  • Check in – Danyang Daemyung Resort

Day 2 *Danyang*

  • Gosu Cave
  • Dodamsambong & Stone Gate (Seongmun)
  • Lunch @ Sundae & Gupjang Hot Pot at Gugyeong Market
  • Mancheonha Skywalk
  • Dinner @ Bossam – pork dish
  • Check in @ Danyang Tourist Hotel

Day 3 *Jecheon* 

  • Chungju Lake Cruise
  • Korea Cheongpung – Hanji Experience Center (고려청풍 한지체험관)
  • Lunch @ 떡갈비 (Tteokgalbi aka grilled short rib patties)
  • Back to Seoul



Accommodation in Danyang

1. Danyang Daemyung Resort

I wanted to book this resort for my previous trip to Danyang, but it was fully booked on that weekend so I could not stay here. But thanks to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Wow Korea, I got one night stay in this awesome, quite high class resort. This could be the best hotel / resort in Danyang? 🙂


2. Danyang Tourist Hotel

Danyang Tourist Hotel (also known Danyang Tourist Hotel Edelweiss) is considered one of the top hotels in Danyang.

Danyang Tourist Hotel3




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