[Busan] Accommodation in Haeundae, Busan

One of the questions about Busan that I always get is — where to stay in Busan? I have been to Busan for more than 10 times. Each time, I stayed at different guesthouse/hotel. Why? I just like checking out different hostels / hotels.

So, where to stay in Busan? Which area is the best? I ALWAYS recommend Haeundae because I really love Haeundae. However, it really depends on what you like. If you like beach and want to stay near the beach, Haeundae is definitely the best place for you. If you want to shop and eat, perhaps you should stay in Nampo-dong or Seomyeon.

There is one thing that you should take note is that Haeundae station is located at the 3rd station on Busan Metro Line 2. If you want to go to Nampo-dong, Gamcheon Culture Village or Busan KTX Station, it will take about an hour subway ride. 🙂 So, choose wisely.

I want to recommend a few hostels that I have stayed at when I traveled to Busan.

1) Hostel The new day 

Location: The building is just right in front of Haeundae Station Exit 1.

Convenient? YES

Cleanliness? VERY GOOD. Very clean.

Breakfast? Included. You can cook eggs there too. hehe

This is the very first place I stayed in Busan when I traveled with my best friend to Busan. It was our first time to Busan in 2013 and we were so happy with our stay and the location! We booked the twin room (with attached bathroom). It has been so many years, I don’t really remember how much we paid for the room. But it was quite cheap! Around RM110 per room /night. The price may have increased.

hostel the new day rooftop

Rooftop!!! (Image source: Hostel the new day official website)

haeundae hostel the new day twin room photo

Twin Room (attached bathroom)

I really loved my stay in this hostel! Alot of memories. Maybe it’s because that is my first time to Busan and I was traveling with my best friend, Jing Jing? 🙂 The hostel staff was friendly and good! I definitely want to go back to this hostel again someday!

For booking: http://www.hostelthenewday.com/

2) Popcorn Hostel Haeundae 

I stayed at Popcorn Hostel Haeundae when I traveled to Busan with my parents in June 2014. We took the family room for 4 (with attached bathroom). The family room has 1 double bed and 1 bunk bed. My mum loved this room because they had this korean ondol thingy on the floor. (Ondol is the floor heating system). In addition, our room had very nice view. We paid about RM400 per room/night.

Location:  Haeundae Station Exit 1, walk approx. 15 mins.

If you take the airport limousine bus, you can get off at Novotel Hotel, Haeundae. The hostel is about 5mins from Novotel.

Cleanliness? GOOD.

Breakfast? YES.

popcorn hostel haeundae room photo.gif

Image source: popcorn hostel official website

The hostel is really near Haeundae beach but it is kind of far from Busan metro station. If you are traveling with family, I recommend this place. Or, if you are traveling with friends in a group of 4 – 6, this place would be perfect for you too!

For booking: http://www.popcorn-hostel.com/kr/main/pop_about_3.asp 

(You can also book through booking.com or agoda.com.)

3) Goodstay MK Stay, Haeundae 

Last weekend, I went to Busan (again) with a few Malaysian friends. One of them found this motel online with quite good reviews.  I didn’t know where we were gonna stay until we have arrived in Haeundae and we searched for this motel.

It is also known as MK Motel. Hahahaha. Yes I know there are a lot of love motels in Korea, especially in Haeundae area. Just TOO many love motels. MK Stay is located in one of the street full of motels. LOL. OK Don’t Worry. It is actually quite a decent place to stay.

We took the family room, There’s two double bed. The room is huge. There is a bathtub in the bathroom. Hahahaha. Toilet and shower place is separated. The ahjussi at the reception counter speaks good English and is very friendly. Price per night for one room is around KRW 120,000. This place is actually quite comfortable. So spacious and I love the big TV.

Location:  Haeundae Station Exit 5, approx. 8 mins.

Breakfast? NO.

mk stay

For booking, search for MK Stay Busan or MK Motel Haeundae on Booking.com or Agoda.com.

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